Morpheme Remedies Pure Amla Oil (No Mineral Oil, Paraben)

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  • Morpheme Remedies Pure Amla Oil is cold pressed oil extracted from the Indian gooseberry fruit.
  • Amla is believed to improve the overall health of hair and is known to make hair strong and beautiful.
  • This Amla oil contains Vitamins E and C and antioxidants and helps nourish and condition the hair.
  • Morpheme Remedies pure cold pressed amla oil has no harmful chemical additives like paraben, sulphate, silicon, colors, and fragrance.
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It is considered beneficial for hair according to ancient traditions. Amla is believed to improve the overall health of hair and is known to make hair strong, and beautiful. It can be considered for regular use as it has a light texture and gets easily absorbed into scalp and hair. Amla oil is considered beneficial for the healthy growth of hair in the traditional medicine system. Morpheme Remedies pure amla oil is obtained with a cold pressed technique that helps retain the nutrients of the plant seeds. Being free from harmful chemicals is another favorable aspect of this product.


  • Cold pressed oil
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No artificial color & fragrance
  • Suitable for all hair types


The traditional medicine system advocates the use of amla oil for healthy hairs. This oil is believed to be effective

  • For stimulating hair growth
  • For controlling dandruff
  • For mitigating hair fall
  • For gaining stronger hair roots
  • For saving hair from premature graying
  • For gaining manageable, soft hairs
  • For relieving itchy scalp
  • For improving hair thickness

These qualities of amla oil are attributed to the nutritional content of amla fruit. Amla is known to have powerful antioxidants and is rich in vitamins E and C. [1] [2] The antioxidants play an important role to save scalp and hair from oxidative stress. Vitamin C and other phytonutrients provide rich nutrition to the hair so that they can grow at a faster rate and in a healthy manner.

Your Hair needs extra nourishment to deplete the nutrients depleted by exposure to pollution, UV rays, and chemical treatments. Providing hair extra nutrition with the amla oil can help in keeping your hair in a healthy state. Apart from hormonal imbalance, lack of good hair care regime may result in rapid hair loss, premature graying and dandruff.


For which type of hair is this oil suitable?

This oil is suitable for all hair types.

Can I use this oil on my kid’s head?

Since this oil is free of harmful chemicals, it can be used on your kid’s head.


Customer Video Review

  1. Anjali

    This is pure amla oil. A superior quality product. It is helping in strengthening my hair and is restoring the normal hair color.

  2. Dayanita

    This is superior quality amla oil. It is helping in restoring the natural dark shade of my hair. There is less hair fall.

  3. Smita

    I am using amla oil for a week. It’s helping in improving the texture and hair color.

  4. Amita

    Amla hair oil is helping in boosting the natural color of my hair. My hair looks darker and shinier. It also helped reduce hair fall.

  5. Ashna

    There are multiple benefits of using amla oil. However, only good quality amla oil can provide the benefits. After using this particular amla oil for 2 weeks I can vouch for its quality.

  6. Chetna

    I was assured of the high quality of this amla oil after using it for a week. My hair feels soft and looks healthy.

  7. Pradeep

    This oil is perfect for my dry hair. It helped darken my hair color.

  8. Pramita

    My hair feels and looks good after I started using Amla Oil. It helped arrest hair loss. My thinning hair is gradually regaining its health and volume.

  9. Usha

    Amla oil nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth. This is good quality amla oil. It’s helping in boosting my hair health.

  10. Joshika

    This is top grade amla oil. I am writing this review after using the oil for 6 weeks. It helped reducing hair fall and helping in hair growth. It keeps my hair soft.

  11. Nalini

    This is the finest quality amla oil for hair care. My hair has become darker, there is less dandruff and hair fall.

  12. Jaya

    Amla oil helped darken my hair. It keeps hair soft and lustrous, Excellent quality amla oil.

  13. Meghna

    This amla oil is really good. It helped reduce dandruff and improved the hair color.

  14. Chandra

    My hair looks darker after using this pure amla oil for 3 weeks. It helped reduce dandruff and strengthened my hair.

  15. Pramit

    This is the perfect amla oil for hair care. I am using it for 2 weeks. My hair looks healthier. It helped reduce dandruff.

  16. Rupa

    Love this amla oil. Using it for the last 2 months. It is helping in hair growth. Hair looks thicker, smoother and shiny.

  17. Sushant

    I believe this is pure amla oil. Am using it for 2 weeks. My hair appears smoother, silkier and darker. Noticing fewer hair fall.

  18. Alisha

    Hair looks darker and shinier after using amla oil. It helped strengthen hair and reduced dandruff. Great for hair care.

  19. Uma

    I started using this amla oil on my frizzy, dry and tangled hair. It is helping in restoring its natural texture and colour shade. It nourishes the hair and is promoting hair growth.

  20. Chhavi

    A trustworthy product for hair care. I’m noticing improvement in the texture and health of my hair after using it for a few weeks. It added sheen and reduced hair fall and dandruff.

  21. Veena

    Using this amla oil for a week. It is of the perfect consistency and works well on my hair. It leaves my hair smooth and manageable and helped reduce hair fall.

  22. Tanya

    Very good quality amla oil. My hair is now smoother and stronger.

  23. Darpana

    This is pure amla oil. It is the oil that the hair loves. I am using this for a month. It helped strengthen hair and promoting hair growth.

  24. Mehar

    Amla oil is one of the best hair oils for soft and beautiful hair. The quality of the oil is very important. After using this particular amla oil I can vouch for its quality.

  25. Namita

    This is an excellent product for enhancing the hair health. My hair has become softer, smoother and darker. It is supporting hair growth.

  26. Radhika

    Amla oil helped in making my hair smooth and silky. It helped strengthen the hair and decreased hair fall.

  27. Nirmitha

    Amla oil keeps hair smooth and silky. It helped strengthen hair and reduced hair fall.

  28. Nainika

    Finding good quality pure amla oil is not easy. This is the perfect product I needed for my hair. After applying it for a few days my hair looks darker and smoother.

  29. Layana

    Amla oil is helping in thickening my hair. Ideal hair oil.

  30. Adhira

    This is pure amla oil. It keeps my hair soft and lustrous. Helps in fighting dandruff. There is significant improvement in the health of my hair.

  31. Namrata

    This is pure amla oil. It has produced amazing result. It helped make my hair smooth and lustrous. It strengthened my hair, reduced hair fall and split ends. Everyone is admiring my beautiful hair.

  32. Mandeep

    Amla oil is excellent for hair care. It helped make my hair strong and healthy.

  33. Nivedita

    This oil helped strengthen hair and reduced excess hair fall. Using this for a few months. Hair looks darker and shiny.

  34. Jagriti

    Excellent hair oil. Helps reduce hair fall and dandruff. Hair looks smooth and silky.

  35. Ramya

    This is top grade amla oil. Helped in making my hair soft and silky. Hair looks darker and glossy. Good for fighting dandruff.

  36. Devanshi

    This Amla hair oil helped reduce dandruff. Hair looks darker and smooth.

  37. Payal

    Without added fragrance and other additives, this is indeed pure amla oil. It has made my hair smooth and glossy, supporting hair growth and reduced dandruff.

  38. Kaushiki

    Amla hair oil has added sheen and smoothness to my hair. It helped reduce hair fall and dandruff. This oil is natural without additives.

  39. Sushant

    What I like most of this Amla oil is that unlike most of the amla oils that are currently available in the market it does not contain mineral oil, artificial fragrance and additives. This is pure amla oil. I found this very helpful for improving hair health.

  40. Rukma

    By using amla oil almost daily for a month my hair has regained its health. The oil helped stop excessive hair fall and strengthened the hair.

  41. Purva

    With regular use, amla oil helped in giving my hair a smooth silky look. It helped strengthen hair & reduced hair fall.

  42. Raisa

    This is pure amla oil. No additives. Helped make my hair smooth, strong and silky.

  43. Sabir

    This is high quality pure amla oil. Helped in darkening hair color and added shine and smoothness. Strengthened hair roots.

  44. Avijit

    Without chemical additives and mineral oil this is the perfect amla oil for hair care. It helped strengthen and smoothen my hair, gave hair a darker hue.

  45. Sweta

    Amla oil is lightweight and absorbs quickly. Softens hair, adds shine.

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Supplement Info

This oil contains Pure Amla ColdPressed Oil (Emblicia officinalis)

How To Use

Regular use of the oil is known to improve the hair condition. Traditionally, oil is warmed up prior application. Leave oil on your hair at least for an hour or overnight for maximum absorption. Rinse off in the morning. Precautions of using oil Morpheme Remedies pure amla oil is strictly for externally use.

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