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Folk healers in Asia recommend drinking ginger tea for eliminating the excess fat from the body. Even scientific studies have confirmed the anti-obesity effect of consuming ginger. A study recently reported in the European Journal of Nutrition has revealed the effectiveness of ginger as an anti-obesity agent. In the randomized double-blind placebo controlled study, researchers […]

Breakfast is a crucial part of your food routine. So, following certain weight management breakfast tips can be a highly beneficial to get in shape than skipping your breakfast or following crash diets. Even though crash diets help weight loss, they may affect your health adversely and may not help you achieve long term weight […]

Although every woman craves for beautiful lean legs but a fat and sugar rich diet and a sedentary lifestyle boost the fat reserve in the lower body. It is only when the summer or bikini season arrives that most woman realize what harm they have done to their silhouette. For a large number of women […]

You can easily get rid of the unwanted fat from your body by adding the right food to your diet. To increase energy expenditure, in addition to regular workouts, don’t miss including foods in your daily meals that help in speeding up metabolism and stimulate thermogenesis. Apart from accelerating the fat burning process, these fat […]

You look the way you feed yourself goes the popular saying. No matter how much you run around and attend your gym classes, your faulty eating habits are constantly preventing you from reaching the desired weight loss goal. Though the adage goes, old habits die hard, but self-determination and a focused mind count at the end […]

Obesity or being overweight is a serious health risk, and if you are not doing anything to shed off those unwanted mounds of fat you are risking your life span that may turn 20 years shorter. If you are overweight, it is high time you should slim down to keep a number of health disorders […]

It is not always advisable to reach out for over the counter medicines to counter a splitting headache. These medicines have adverse side effects. If taken regularly in the long run these medicines could harm your health. So why not go for home remedies instead? Let us explore eight amazing home remedies that can bring […]

All the late night binges and haphazard eating habits do give you something in return- a larger belly and stubborn fat that refuses to go away despite all the crunches and leg raises. So what do you do? Give up on your dream of getting a flatter belly? Absolutely not! Read on to know more […]

Wondering why so many hours spent at the gym aren’t getting you anywhere near to a flatter stomach? It might be because you aren’t eating the right food. Yes, the right food can help you burn fat and still keep you miles away from guilt of binge eating. Here is a list of 5 foods […]

A little extra weight around your waist may not cause much of a concern to some of you but obesity- now that is something you should really be worrying about. Obesity isn’t just the presence of excess weight and flab in your body; it is also an invitation to a lot of serious ailments such […]