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Diuretic foods can help in burning off the ugly fat in your body apart from reducing the water weight. Dieters often include diuretics for losing weight and purging out those excess fluids from the body for their overall health. Natural diuretics are known as natural foods that increase the frequency of urination and remove the […]

Losing weight can be tedious. Some of tend to resort to chemical laden appetite suppressants so that they can prevent over eating and keep away from the dreaded extra calories. But there some natural appetite suppressants which help in keeping the stomach full for a longer time and prevent hunger pangs. Mentioned Below Are Some […]

Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. However, most of them also contain sugar, which puts people who are trying to lose weight in a dilemma whether fruits should be included in their weight loss diet. Nevertheless, regardless of your weight loss goal you must aim for three servings of fruits daily. Certain […]

The exact cause of weight loss varies from person to person. While a large number of people put on weight by overeating and by leading a sedentary life, for others an underlying health disorder causes unintended weight gain. According to homeopathic practitioners, weight loss treatment also varies, depending upon the patient’s medical history, habits and […]

Human beings are very cautious about their increasing weight and they want to cut off the extra weight from their body. Excess of weight has become a very serious problem as it can lead to serious types of issues. People are thus gaining their tummy size due to various types of reasons. One has to […]

Superfoods are loaded with nutrients that promote good health and prevent diseases and infections. These superfoods help in shedding those extra pounds too and aids you stay slim and trim. Yes, superfoods are the secret behind rapid weight loss. Read on to know which foods can enable you get that perfect figure. Foods For Weight […]

Can eliminating all types of animal products from your daily diet help you in getting rid of your excess weight? Studies have shown that people on a fully vegetarian diet loses unwanted body fats more rapidly than people whose diet comprises of both plant and animal foods. One of the key reasons for rapid weight […]

To lose weight you have modified your diet and tried different types of weight loss supplements. But have you ever tried black pepper to get rid of your excess body fat? The main active constituent of black pepper is piperine. Studies have shown that piperine is a potent fat buster. A number of experimental studies […]

Delivering your newborn not only brings happiness and spirit of motherhood but also responsibility to feed and take care of yourself and your baby. Your pregnancy and delivery may be associated with certain concerns but you need to take appropriate care of yourself to look after your newborn properly. Most new mothers tend to become […]

Though pregnancy gives a divine feeling and utmost happiness to every woman but there are few things related to pregnancy, that gives all women nightmares too and one of the most crucial ones among them is the tummy fat. Intake of high protein, fat, carbohydrate enriched foods during pregnancy as recommended by the physician, lack of […]