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The prostate is a crucial part of male reproductive system that produces the seminal fluid that carries sperm. Most men, particularly after 60 years of age, develop symptoms of prostate enlargement related issues. Prostate enlargement creates difficulty in urinating such as difficulty starting urination, uncontrolled dribbling during urination etc as it presses on the urethra. […]

Jock itch is a kind of fungal infection that is mainly caused in both men and women. It is otherwise known as tinea cruris. Jock itch mainly takes place in area near the thigh, genital parts, buttocks and groin. It can sometime becomes serious and hence need to cured on time. There can be various […]

It is not always advisable to reach out for over the counter medicines to counter a splitting headache. These medicines have adverse side effects. If taken regularly in the long run these medicines could harm your health. So why not go for home remedies instead? Let us explore eight amazing home remedies that can bring […]