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Estrogens, also popular as Oestrogens, are a category of natural steroid hormones that are crucial for appropriate sexual growth and development of females. These hormones are produced in good amounts in the ovaries of women. Deficiency of estrogen can lead to genetic predisposition, fatigue, vaginal infections, increase in the rate of heart beat, pain in […]

Your diet affects not only your health but also your mind. Nutrients that help in promoting production of brain chemicals that regulate mood play a vital role in calming the mind and reducing anxiety. If you worry a lot, add foods that contain these essential nutrients that help in improving your body’s natural resistance to […]

Folic acid is nothing but vitamin B 12 which is essential for proper development and normal functioning of body. It is of utmost importance for pregnant women for appropriate development of the fetus. These days due to the modern lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits we find that several people are suffering from folic acid deficiency. […]

Weight loss has become the main center of attraction for many people as the issue of weight is increasing at a high rate. Due to varied number of reasons, people are gaining weight. There are various types of techniques to take care of the gained weight and lose it in considerable period of time. Below Are […]

Blood pressure has become a serious type of problem among various numbers of people. There are various types of reasons for the forming of high blood pressure. Blood pressure can either become low or high. High form of blood pressure can lead to serious results and ultimately leads to death. Huge numbers of people are […]

Breakfast is a crucial part of your food routine. So, following certain weight management breakfast tips can be a highly beneficial to get in shape than skipping your breakfast or following crash diets. Even though crash diets help weight loss, they may affect your health adversely and may not help you achieve long term weight […]

Long beautiful hair is every woman’s dream and she is always on the lookout for some magic potion that will make her hair grow real fast. This quest for growing hair fast makes her adapt some real harmful chemical treatments which can further damage hair. But actually the magic potion to grow hair fast lies […]

Lactose intolerance is a kind of food allergy. Lactose is found in dairy and milk products. When people with lactose intolerance consume dairy products, they develop allergic reactions such as bloating, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Avoiding foods that contain lactose is the treatment suggested for this metabolic disorder. So, following a strict diet plan is […]

All of us want to shed those extra kilos and have that perfect look. While work out is one way of burning calories there are some foods that can actually help burn more calories. Yes you can eat your way to lose some weight. Now that sounds awesome. Mentioned Below Are Some Such Foods Which […]

Pinto beans, also popular as mottled beans, are highly nutritious foods native to Peru and Mexico. These beans posses beige background and scattered reddish brown colors such that they appear like painted works. Pinto means ‘painted’ in Spanish and it derives this name from its splash colors. These mottled beans are an excellent source of […]