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Inflammation of the stomach lining that usually occurs following overgrowth of the H. pylori bacteria is known as gastritis. Apart from bacterial infection, prolonged intake of pain relief medications, abnormal immune reaction or bile buildup in the stomach irritates the stomach lining, leading to gastritis. Stomach pain is the most common symptom of gastritis. Dietary […]

A healthy diet consists of foods that contain fibre along with other nutrients like vitamins, protein, minerals and antioxidants. Fibre is an important component of food that helps in improving health and preventing many types of health problems like constipation, diabetes and high cholesterol. It improves digestion and health of intestine thus helping in preventing […]

People are now very eager to build their muscles and maintain their figure. A person with perfect muscle mass is also honored a lot due to their beat physique. It has become very common to make perfect body shapes. Huge bodybuilders as well as other bodybuilding enthusiasts always want to make up their body in […]

Human beings are the wisest creatures on the earth who harm themselves in one way or the other. There are various types of modes through which people are harming themselves. Very few people are aware of this kind of fact and the rest are blindfolded carrying out their activities. Human beings require food items to […]

Modern science has developed a lot and is also able to cure the various types of serious health problems. Modern science is thus believed to provide solution for all kinds of health issues. Cancer is one of the danger types of health issue that does not have any solution. People suffering from various types of […]

Human beings are very cautious about their increasing weight and they want to cut off the extra weight from their body. Excess of weight has become a very serious problem as it can lead to serious types of issues. People are thus gaining their tummy size due to various types of reasons. One has to […]

Supplying the right amount of nutrients to the body is the key to health. A deficiency of nutrients will not only affect the physic, but also has an impact on the mental functions. Each food has a unique nutritive composition and it benefits the body and mind in a distinctive way. Though all foods are […]

Nance fruit is a small nutritious fruit with diameter of about one or two centimeters and having a shape of berry or ball. These fruit grow on the Nance tree, popular as Byrsonima crassifolia, in clusters and turn green to yellow or orange when they ripe. You can find these fruit either in sour or […]

Hormonal imbalance causes a lot of disorder in our body. There is so much impact full that all human body actions and senses reflect it. Starting from metabolism, strength to different kind of mood swings, all this happens due to the hormonal changes in human body. It plays an important role in our life cycle. […]

We all work out to keep ourselves fit. There is a myth that if we skip our snack and workout then it will be more effective. However on the contrary it is important to have some food as your body requires energy during workout. Eating the right proportion of food before any exercise helps. Below […]