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9 Home Remedies To Cure Depression

Home Remedies To Cure Depression

Human beings are suffering from various kinds of physical and mental problems. Depression is one kind of mental illness that can create havoc both in personal as well as professional life. People suffering from depression go through high and low range of moods. Although depression is an emotional disorder, it can affect to the physical health of the individual. The reasons for depression can be disinterest in everything, loss of sleep, sadness and many more, but there are many ways to get rid of such problem. Apart from many remedies, home remedies are the best proven way to get rid of such issue. The best part home remedies are that they are safe and not too much expensive.

Some Of The Home Remedies That Have Been Proved To Be Useful In The Case Of Depression Are:


Saffron is generally very costly and it is very useful to cure the problem of depression. It has high range of Vitamin B and Carotenoids, which are essential to treat the problem of depression. Take few amount of saffron on daily basis in order to get rid from the problem of depression. It can be taken in shakes as well as dishes.



Cardamom is one kind of best supplement that can help to cure the problem of depression. Cardamom has detoxifying properties, which will help rejuvenate the cells in the brain and thus helps to recover from the state of depression. Take half teaspoon of cardamom powder into warm milk and drink it to get proper results. Repeat the process every day before going to bed. Continuous use of cardamom will surely help to get relief from the problem of depression.


Change In Lifestyle

Lifestyle also plays a very important role in the human brain. People suffering from the problem of depression must make sure to select their style of life that does not provide much stress on them. Taking small measures on daily basis can affect lifestyle and thus depression. Always try to get involve in various types of work and avoid being lonely. Lonely condition slowly triggers to problem known as depression.

Change in lifestyle

Practicing Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can create miracle for people suffering from the problem of depression. There are various types of breathing exercises that should be practiced on daily basis. People suffering from depression must make sure to get aware of all kinds of breathing exercises and practice on regular basis. It will relax the mind and slowly get rid of depression.

Practicing breathing exercises

Proper Diet And Sufficient Water

Diet can also play a crucial role in various kinds of health problems. People suffering from depression must not take processed food items that can further worsen the condition. Try to take pure organic as well as little processed food items. Intake of sufficient amount of water will also help to hydrate the body. The body will remain cool and away from all kinds of harmful toxins.

Proper diet and sufficient water

Using Fish Oil

Fish oil is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is very perfect in normal brain functioning. People suffering from the problem of depression must make sure to add fish oil into their diet on regular basis. Omega 3 fatty acid acids play a very crucial role in healing from depression. It will not allow the brain to go into deep thoughts and thus avoid depression.

Using fish oil

Intake Of Apples

Apples are very important for physical as well as mental health. It contains phosphorus, Vitamin B and potassium in it. These nutrients are essential for better mental health. People suffering from depression must include apples in daily basis. Take it simply as it is or drink the juice by adding little honey into it. Repeat the process on daily basis for best results.

Intake of apples

Intake of Asparagus

Asparagus has lots of powerful elements in it that are very useful while treating depression. Asparagus is mainly rich in folate, which is effective in improving brain function. The Vitamin E content will help to stay in good and refreshing mood. Asparagus contains tryptophan that is very perfect to produce serotonin in the brain. Take asparagus in steam or grilled form for best results. Repeat the process for few days in order to get effective results.

Intake of Asparagus


Honey is a very effective remedy to cure the problem of depression. It helps to calm down the nerves, thus avoid the condition of going into depression. Take some almond and crush it properly. Add little honey into it and take this mixture on daily basis to keep depression on stray.


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