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8 Lesser known Signs Of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Lesser known Signs Of  Premenstrual Syndrome

We are all aware that premenstrual syndrome generally manifest in bloating, abdominal cramps and acne flare ups, but there are still more signs and symptoms with which we are not at all familiar. These symptoms also provide a definite signal that those four days of the month are not far off.

Here We Explore Eight Signs Which Though Less Discussed But Are Indicative Of The Imminent Arrival Of Menstrual Cycle:

Difficulty In Defecation

Just before your menstrual cycle, you may encounter pooping issues because your uterus gets distended and presses against the colon causing constipation, bloating and even diarrhea.

Difficulty in defecation

Lack In Concentration

Few days before the start of periods, you may find difficult to concentrate your mind on your work. A feeling of exhaustion becomes overwhelming. This is the result of the premenstrual brain fog, which means your menstrual cycle is having an effect on the mechanism of neurotransmission.

Lack in concentration

Sleep Disturbances

When your menses are about to start your estrogen level rises giving you lesser sleep. This happens because the release of estrogen gives you an extra sensation of heat and discomfort that disrupts your sleep pattern.

Sleep disturbances

Swelling Of Hands And Feet

Some women also experience a swelling of hands and feet. This happens because during menstruation and just prior to its start there is heavy water retention in your body which leads to swelling of hands and feet.

Swelling of hands and feet


Anxiousness is a lesser known symptom prior to the onset of menstruation. This happens because during this time there are a lot of hormonal changes which have an impact on your mood and the result is anxiety.



Clumsiness is yet another symptom of PMS that was not known to you. Advent of menstruation shoots up your estrogen level. This triggers your liver to produce more and more hormones, which has a direct impact on your motor functions. This compounded with the water retention in the body induces clumsiness in many women few days before the onset of periods.


A Heightened Desire For Sugar And Salt

Just like craving for food and overeating indicates the advent of menstruation, an increase in desire to consume more of salt and sugar has also been reported by women before the periods though the reason for such a correlation is yet to be established. It a has been noticed that all on a sudden you start craving for ice creams, desserts, candies and salted chips.

A heightened desire for sugar and salt

Social Aversion

Premenstrual syndrome may take weird forms where some women prefer to lock her up inside a room and brood inside a self-spun cocoon rather than going out and socialize. Social withdrawal prior to the start of a menstrual cycle is not at all a well recognized PMS symptom. Probably, a combination of several PMS symptoms leads women to a temporary social withdrawal.

Social aversion

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