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8 Best Home Remedies For Cholera

Home Remedies For Cholera

Cholera is a well known acute disease which affects all human beings. It appears in the body due to contamination of food or your daily consuming drinks. If it is not treated in initial stage, then leads to Diarrhea and some cases death may occur to the individual suffering from cholera. When your body gets infected, the bacteria “vibrio cholera” is formed within your body and results dehydration.

Hence you feel week and wrinkle skin come into view in your hands and feet. The most common symptoms for cholera are vomiting, dehydration, and stomach pain. Nowadays it is easily curable, but for this is only possible if you have some information about the preliminary treatment. Home remedies are the best way to treat any disease during its initial stage. Below are some informationprovided on home remedies, which will be useful for you to cure cholera at your need time.

Hygiene and Safe Consume

It is the first and important stage which is necessary to avoid from a dangerous disease like cholera. Drink boiled water, cook your food in a proper manner, avoid roadside vender to buy readymade foods, and eat fruits by washing and peeling thoroughly. Keep your all food stuff area neat and clean. Avoid damaged or expired food products.

Hygiene and safe consume

Consume Lime Juice and Citrus Fruit

Let the patient to drink lime or orange or any citrus fruit juice. It helps the patient to keep well hydrated. It also aids to kill the bacteria “vibrio cholera,” which is the root source for cholera. The citrus fruit is acidic in nature, which stops bacilli from further biological actions and stops the reproduction process.

Consume lime juice and citrus fruit

Bitter Guard Juice

Take few pieces of bitter guard. Add it with two cups of drinking water and then add a half teaspoon of salt and make juice of it. Just warm it and let it become cool. Now, the patient can drink this liquid twice daily in an empty stomach. It helps to cue cholera within a week.

Bitter Guard

Mix of Buttermilk and Rock Salt

Consuming butter milk while suffering from cholera helps you to feel energetic. At the time of cholera the patient releases lots of liquid in the form of stools and vomiting, and later feels tired, weak, and thirsty. Hence, by providing a glass of butter milk thrice a day by adding rock salt with cumin seeds powder into it, results better improvement from cholera and dehydration.

Mix of buttermilk and rock salt

Clove Oil

The patient suffering from cholera also suffers stomach pain and the basic reason behind it is – it directly affect your stomach by reacting with your biological system and very soon it makes weak to your immune system, which may lead frequent dehydration. So, to improve this worst condition, you should provide clove oil to the patient to drink. It stops flows of infected liquid to rest organs in your body and keep the other immune system surrounded by stomach in a safe mode. Clove oil can be drunk directly. It can also be consumed by adding paste of onion with it for a better result. If the patient is not feeling comfortable to consume clove oil directly, then let the patient to drink by mixing it with lukewarm water.

Clove Oil

Green Coconut Water

Treating cholera with the help the help of coconut water is not a bad idea. It contains high glucose and provides energy, which is most essential for a patient to make healthier during cholera.

Green Coconut water

Pomegranate and Cucumber Leaves

It is very simple compared to other home remedies. You just need to pick six leaves of pomegranate as well as cucumber. Then dip it into a bowl of water and start warming for five minutes. Do not pour the water. You can collect same solution and mix together by using mixer. Now filter it and give this liquid to the patient to get heal from cholera.

Pomegranate and cucumber Leaves

Diet Balance

Balancing diet is most important for the patient who is suffering from cholera. It is a kind of disease in which all your digestive system would not function normally, therefore doctors refer to have liquid and light food. The patient should restrict to oily and heavy foods. If you follow all these home remedies but not maintaining diet chart, then all your effort will be no worth. Balancing diet for cholera patient should be given higher priority, so that the patient can get rid of cholera soon. It is not for whole life to follow diet chart. The patient can continue the normal food items as he/she was using earlier, but only after getting recovered completely.

Diet balance

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