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7 Miracle Fruits For Lean Body And Healthy System

Miracle Fruits For Lean Body And Healthy System

Although, one should eat to maintain health not to be lean but nothing can be done once you have made your mind. Only if, you are keen of a leaner body then you should focus on fruits rich in nutrients and less in calories. Not all fruits are rich in calories. Maintaining a lean body and being healthy at the same time is tough but not impossible. Fruits are the one that you are looking for right now. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, they not just fulfil your aim but also keep you healthy.

While some say that you can’t have the same healthy system if you focus more on being lean, other says it poses numerous health problems. After coming across all these hearsay, if you are still willing not to give up then read about 7 miracle fruits that not just keep you lean but also healthy.

Here Are The 7 Fruits That Help You Stay Slim And Healthy:

Kiwi Fruit

Being a good source of vitamin C, kiwi fruits is a very good alternative for high calorie food that you were eating to be healthy. It cuts down calories to such an extent that you can even replace your breakfast with it. Eat 1-3 kiwi fruits every day at breakfast. Drink lukewarm water along.



If you think of tomato as vegetable, then you are quite mistaken because it is not a vegetable, it is a fruit. It is a Godsend fruit for weight loss. This delicious fruit is rich in antioxidants and reduces water retention in the body. Tomato also reverses the effect of Leptin, a protein that keeps body from losing body weight. Make sure that in the course of consuming tomatoes, you must not trust ketchup as they contain added preservatives and additives which are high in calories.



People often say that banana is responsible for gain in weight, quite a myth it is. You must know that banana not just gives you a slim and toned body but also prevent muscle cramps and beats constipation. Make banana as your morning diet and see how it keeps the problem at bay along with fulfilling your goal. You can also have it one when you feel hungry and don’t want to settle for more calories.



Change the course of your appetite with grapefruit. It is a great nutritious supplement to keep you lean and healthy both. The presence of naringin in grapefruits renders it a strong smell helpful in suppressing hunger and cutting back calories eventually. Peeling with hand, have 1 grapefruit at breakfast and dinner both the time.



An apple a day and keep the doctor away. Very true, because it is not just a key to a healthy system, its position has been intact from long time in calorie reducing diet chart. Loaded with antioxidants and dietary fiver, apple keeps you feel full with its nutrients and vitamins. Apple reduces risk of cancer, whitens your teeth, boosts your immune system and beats the hell out of digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation. Remember that every time you settle for apple, you drink water 30 minutes after.

apple (2)


Pear are excellent source of dietary fibers. Other than meeting fiber requirement, pear stimulates a better digestive system. In the course of getting a slim figure you must not give up on health. It is equally important to take care of things that distances you from increasing risks of cholesterol level, coronary heart attack and type II diabetes. Therefore, when your body is prone to these problems and you still crave for a lean body then you must include pear in your diet.



According to experts, coconut increases the liver’s mechanism to 30%. When you feel hungry and want to grab onto some calorie rich snacks, you can always manage to avoid them with coconut. Other than filling your appetite and keeping you healthy, it stimulates the functioning of thyroid glands also. You can add coconut oil, coconut floor and coconut milk in your diet.


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