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5 Ways To Use Prunella Vulgaris For Herpes

Prunella Vulgaris For Herpes

Prunella Vulgaris is a kind of the amazing herb for you. It is very much renowned for its uncountable healing and medicinal natural properties for mankind. It contains amazing anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties for you. You can even make the use of this herb for the herpes. It will help you to get rid of the impurities and provide you the relief soon. You can read further to explore the natural ways of using this herb for herpes.

Here Are Some Of The Easy Ways Of Using Prunella Vulgaris For Herpes:

As Paste:

You can easily use the prunella vulgaris for the betterment of your condition in the herpes. It can be utilized as the paste. You can take a bunch of fresh leaves of this herb. Make a fine paste of it and apply it on the affected area.


As Juice:

You can also use the prunella vulgaris for the herpes in the form of juice made from it. You can obtain the juice of the prunella vulgaris and this juice can be applied directly to the herpes affected area. It will provide the affected area with the deep cleansing and therefore, will help you to dry and shrink this allergy.

As Juice

As Herbal Tea:

You can also prepare the herbal tea from the prunella vulgaris for the betterment in herpes. The consumption of the amazing herbal tea will provide you with the stronger immunity. It contains the natural anti-oxidants for you. This will reduce this allergy and slow down its formation.

Herbal Tea

As Dried Herb:

The next way of using the prunella vulgaris is as the form of dried herb. You can get some dried prunella vulgaris for you. Boil it in some water and cleanse the affected areas with it properly. It will help you to heal the herpes soon.

Dried Herb

As Liquid Extract:

You can also make the use of the prunella vulgaris as the liquid extract for herpes. You can apply it on the affected area. This help to cleanse the skin deeply and remove the bacteria from it. It will be really a beneficial method for you in the herpes.

As Liquid Extract

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