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4 Types Of Cancers That Can Be Avoided By Regular Exercise

Types Of Cancers That Can Be Avoided By Regular Exercise

Human body is an amazing assortment of a number of senses, organs, glands, muscles and tissues. All of these function in harmony to make the human body a smooth-running machine. But just like with anything that is perishable, human body needs to be kept healthy in order to stay clear of ailments and diseases. Cancer is a dreadful disease which originates from a cell and then grows to affect the whole body which can lead to severe physical and mental hardships and if went untreated in its advanced stages, cancer may also lead to death of an individual.

To make sure that you are in the state of perfect fitness, it is crucial that you take some serious steps at the earliest. Like a host of many other diseases, certain types of cancerous diseases could be avoided just by taking some precautions and being fit. And when it comes to staying in good health, what could be better than exercise? Exercises do have plenty of benefits to a human body. In fact, exercises are one of the most crucial actions that one can take in order to be protected against several types of cancer.

Here Are A Few Types Of Cancers You Shall Be Protected Against If You Exercise Regularly:

Exercising Helps In The Fight Against Colon Cancer

Cancer of the colon and rectum is quite a dangerous disease which claims thousands of lives every year around the globe. But the good news is that a number of studies suggest that regular exercise can protect you against colon cancer. It has been shown that if a person exercises regularly, then they have a 20% less chance of getting afflicted by colon cancer than the person who leads a sedentary lifestyle. Although exercises tend to reduce the risk of colon cancer in both males and females, still the effect of exercises is more pronounced in men. Exercising helps because the changes they induce in the levels of digestive juices in a body directly impact the chances of acquiring colon cancer.

colon cancer

Exercises Help Against Uterine Cancer

This is a type of cancer which affects a lot of women. The reason behind this is related to high estrogen levels and obesity. Exercises attack both these causative factors at the same time, and therefore protect you against uterine cancer. Studies conclude that there is a 30-40% lesser risk of uterine cancer in a physically active woman than a sedentary one.

uterine cancer

Exercise Battles Against Lung Cancer

Studies have shown that people who engage in physical activities on a regular basis, have a lower risk of getting affected by lung cancer. The exact reason for this relation is not known, but there are a certain number of hypotheses which support it. For example, a person who exercises regularly is less likely to smoke and consume tobacco.

lung cancer

Exercise Helps Against Breast Cancer

For the women who exercise regularly, it has been observed that exercises ward off the risk of breast cancer to a great extent. More than a dozen studies conclude that women who engage in exercises on a regular basis have a 30-40% lower risk of being afflicted by breast cancer than the ones who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The reason behind this the level of estrogen in the blood of females. Medical experts claim that estrogen levels play a crucial role in breast cancer, and working out controls estrogen levels by keeping them in check. Also, old women who exercise more have less fat and thus lower estrogen levels too.

Combats breast cancer risk

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