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25 Benefits Of Milk For Skin, Hair And Health

25 Benefits Of Milk For Skin, Hair And Health

Milk usually means dairy based milk like cow’s milk, buffalo’s milk, sheep milk, goat milk, etc. It is one of the richest sources of nutrition. Being a refreshing and healthy beverage, it is beneficial for everyone, from kids to grownups as well as aged people. Milk is enriched with essential nutrients like calcium, minerals, proteins, vitamins and much more that are beneficial for our skin, hair and overall health. In this article, we shall discuss its various benefits one by one.

Health Benefits Of Milk

1. Improves Heart Function

Milk is a rich source of potassium and phosphorus which helps in regulating the levels of blood pressure. It also controls the production of cholesterol in the blood and promotes a healthy heart. It also has anti-acidic properties. If you are a patient of high blood pressure, drink one glass of milk everyday to bring it to its normal level.

2. Improves Eye Sight

Milk contains Vitamin A as well as Vitamin B, which are good for the eyes. It improves eyesight and helps our immunity system to protect our eyes from dust, pollution and various infections and allergies. Kids should drink milk regularly to improve optical health.

Improves Eye Sight

3. Protects Dental System

Milk has anti-acidic properties. It prevents acidic elements from damaging the surface of the enamel of our teeth. The calcium in milk also makes our teeth stronger to fight all germs in the mouth. It keeps our teeth glistening and sparkling.

Protects Dental System

4. Promotes Bone Health

The quantity of calcium present in the body determines the bone mass and the mineral density of the bones. Drinking milk regularly ensures both. The high levels of calcium present in milk helps in firming and strengthening our bones. The Vitamin D present in it further improves bone health.

Promotes Bone Health

5. Prevents Cancer

We have already discussed that milk is enriched with Vitamin D. It is Vitamin D which promotes the growth of cells and thereby reduces the risk of cancer. Lactose is another cancer fighting component found in milk. You can reduce the chances of cancer by drinking milk every day. Apart from having cancer fighting properties, milk is a great immunity booster that helps in fighting germs and diseases.

Prevents Cancer

6. Relieves Stress

Milk contains Vitamin B12 which helps in relaxing the nerves. Drink one glass of milk before going to sleep. It reduces all mental and physical stress after a hard day at work. It works by igniting the body’s energy levels.

Relieves Stress

7. Reduces Osteoarthritis

Milk is full of calcium which is the food of the bones and muscles. It soothes the knees and joints from inflammation caused due to Osteoarthritis. If you have calcium deficiency, especially if you are a woman, it is important to get your calcium supplements along with a glass full of milk.

Reduces Osteoarthritis

8. Fights Depression

The hormone “serotonin” is responsible for regulating our sleep pattern, appetite and mental state. However, in order to produce serotonin, the body requires adequate intake of Vitamin D. Including milk in our daily diet helps in maintaining the required levels of Vitamin D in the body. Moreover, milk also elevates our mood by providing energy to the body.

Fights Depression

9. Rehydrates The Body

Our body requires a lot of fluids to stay hydrated. Although, most of the fluid requirement is fulfilled by water, our body needs something more. Milk is one such liquid, which apart from hydrating the body replenishes the body with many essential nutrients. The adequate quantities of water present in milk can temporary work as a better replacement for water.

Rehydrates The Body

10. Improves Menses And Fertility Issues

Milk helps in lowering the risks of PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome. If you have painful menses with clotting, drinking warm milk helps in breaking the clots and provides relief from cramps. It also provides energy to the body during menstrual periods. It has been considered as a fertility booster since ages. It reduces ovulation problems and boosts fertility.

Improves Menses And Fertility Issues

Milk Benefits For The Skin

11. Moisturizes The Skin

The fats present in milk helps in removing dryness and dullness with a smooth moisturized skin, especially during the winters when the skin starts losing its natural moisture. It also contains a compound known as AHA which is present in expensive skin-care and cosmetic beauty products. You can apply milk on the skin directly or prepare a face pack by blending it with ingredients like honey and gram flour, cucumber, turmeric or ripe banana. Use organic milk for best results.

Moisturizes The Skin

12. Cleanses The Skin

Milk is a natural cleanser, especially raw milk. It helps in removing all dust and dirt from the skin. It exfoliates the skin and helps in removing dead cells. Applying milk on the skin exfoliates and softens the whiteheads and blackheads so that they can be removed easily.

Cleanses The Skin

13. Acts As A Natural Toner

Raw milk is an excellent natural toner. Take one tablespoon milk, preferably raw and add a pinch of green tea into it. Apply it on your skin with the help of a cotton ball. Wash off after 5 minutes. You can also use a few saffron strands instead of green tea for extra glow and even skin tone. Repeat this to get a healthy and glowing skin.

Acts As A Natural Toner

14. Reduces Signs Of Aging

The beauty secret of many beautiful celebrities lies in the exorbitant use of milk as a skin care regime. Milk has age-defying properties. The enzymes present in milk, the presence of vitamins, proteins and minerals helps in reversing the signs of aging like fine lines , wrinkles and scars and makes it radiant.

Reduces Signs Of Aging

15. Soothes Skin Sensitivity

Milk soothes a sensitive skin that is prone to redness, inflammation and irritation caused from harsh chemicals present in cosmetic products, environmental pollution or any skin infection. Apply some cold milk on your skin with cotton.

Soothes Skin Sensitivity

16. Reduces Sunburn

Milk is an excellent natural remedy against sunburns and tans. Take some cold mild in a small bowl, dab a cotton ball into it and gently apply it on face and arms. It soothes and calms the skin against the skin irritation and inflammation caused due to sunburn.

Reduces Sunburn

17. Repairs Cracked Heels

If you have cracked heels which are bothering you, you do not have to purchase an expensive heel repair cream or go for an elaborate pedicure treatment. Immerse your feet in a small tub containing warm water, 1 cup milk, some rose petal or a few teaspoons of rose water. Keep your feet soaked in the water for 10 minutes. Now start rubbing the cracked parts of the heels with a scrub or pumice stone which must have exfoliated by now. Wash your feet, pat dry and apply warm coconut oil.

Repairs Cracked Heels

18. Provides Skin Radiance

Milk has skin lightening properties. Applying milk on the skin regularly helps in reducing the pigmentation effect caused due to excessive melanin production due to certain factors. You can apply it on your skin with a cotton ball or finger tips. You can also add it to various face packs as well.

Provides Skin Radiance

19. Works As A Natural Scrub

It is very convenient and inexpensive to scrub your skin with milk. Add a pinch of salt into about half liter milk. Soak your body scrub pad into this milk for half an hour and scrub your skin with it. This will remove all the dead skin cells from the body.

Works As A Natural Scrub

20. Closes Open Pores

Milk, especially sour milk helps in closing open pores. You can apply it on your skin which will work as a natural cleanser as well as seal your open pores after cleansing them. To do this, apply some sour milk on your skin and allow it to remain for 10 to 15 minutes. This will close the skin pores and also retain its natural moisture.

Milk Benefits For Hair

21. Moisturizes Dry And Frizzy Hair

Using milk as a scrub for the scalp helps in cleansing it and removing all dead and flaky skin cells. This helps the hair follicles maintain oil balance of the hair and keeps it healthy and shinning.

Moisturizes Dry And Frizzy Hair

22. Adds Volume And Luster

Milk is a rich source of essential nutrients which are beneficial for the hair. Applying it regularly on the scalp and hair helps in adding luster and volume to it.

Adds Volume And Luster

23. Works As A Natural Conditioner

Milk is also a natural moisturizer. It used be used as a natural conditioner for hair. Towel dry your hair after cleansing it with shampoo. Now spray milk on your damp hair and allow it to absorb the milk for half an hour. Now, rinse thoroughly with water just the way you wash off your conditioner.

Works As A Natural Conditioner

24. Provides Keratin To Hair

Keratin is vital for hair growth. It is an element that enhances hair growth. However, keratin cannot be created without the help of calcium. As vitamin rich source of calcium and drinking one glass of milk regularly increases the calcium intake of the body, which internally helps in getting beautiful and silky hair.

Provides Keratin To Hair

25. Enhances Hair Growth

The vital nutrient present in milk is highly beneficial for hair. The calcium content in milk helps in preventing hair loss. The potassium, biotin and Vitamins present in it make your tresses silkier and shinier. The high content of protein in milk makes the roots of your strands stronger. Drink milk regularly so that your body receives all these vital nutrients necessary for healthy hair, skin and overall health. Apply milk on your hair by adding it to a hair mask or just as a conditioner.

Enhances Hair Growth

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