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16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pinto Beans

Health Benefits Of Pinto Beans

Pinto beans, also popular as mottled beans, are highly nutritious foods native to Peru and Mexico. These beans posses beige background and scattered reddish brown colors such that they appear like painted works. Pinto means ‘painted’ in Spanish and it derives this name from its splash colors. These mottled beans are an excellent source of proteins, fiber, iron, vitamins, and many other nutrients. So, they serve as a cost-effective healthy snack that you can easily add to your diet.

Here Are Some Prominent Health Benefits Of Pinto Beans:

Treats Constipation

Pinto beans are rich in insoluble fibers so they are highly effective in treating constipation.


Lowering Cholesterol

These mottled beans are a rich source of fiber that helps you lower cholesterol levels in your blood. They help you regulate your cholesterol and prevent the risk of development of heart problems.

Lowers Cholesterol

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Being a rich source of fiber, they help you maintain blood sugar levels after having your meals. Not just they stabilize your blood glucose levels but also provide you continuous energy for leading an active day.

Controlling blood sugar levels

Prevents Hair Fall

Deficiency of potassium is one of the leading causes of hair fall. These beans are rich in potassium which helps you have healthy, strong hair. Regular consumption of pinto beans prevents hair fall to a great extent so include them in your diet.

Hair Fall

Prevents Dry Skin Problems

Deficiency of vitamin B in your body can result in dry skin problems, such as dermatitis, redness, pigmentation, and irritation. However, having pinto beans provides you have plenty of vitamin B since they are a rich source of this vital nutrient. So, add these nutrient rich beans to your diet to have healthy skin.

Dry Skin

Detoxify Your Body

Various foods, such as dried fruits and some vegetables, contain sulfites that affect your health adversely resulting in disorientation and headaches. Pinto beans are rich in molybdenum, a unique mineral present in very few foods, which counteract the adverse effect of molybdenum on your body. Just one serving of these beans provides about 285% of your daily recommended intake of molybdenum.

Detoxify Your Body

Cures Digestive Problems

Regular consumption of pinto beans helps you treat digestive issues, such as diverticulosis and bowel syndrome, effectively. So, adding them to your diet helps promote smooth digestion.

Improves Digestion

Beneficial For Pregnant Women And Fetus

Pinto beans contain high amounts of B-vitamin complex, such as folate, which is beneficial for pregnant women. Folate promotes the formation of neural tube and red blood cells in the unborn babies. It prevents your baby from being underweight and also safeguards the baby from neural tube defects.


Regulates Blood Pressure

High concentrations of potassium and low content of sodium in pinto beans helps you in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. One serving of these beans offers you about 746 mg of potassium and 1.7 mg of sodium. Folate plays a vital role in regulating high blood pressure levels and helps calm your blood vessels ensuring smooth blood circulation.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

Enhances Your Nervous System

Molybdenum in these beans promotes energy production in your body cells and aids the development of your nervous system. Pinto beans offer you brain vital vitamins, minerals, folic acid, and amino acids. As a result, consumption of these beans prevents you from the risk of development of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Healthy nervous system

Provides Choline

Choline is known as a water soluble nutrient which is present in cell membranes of your nerve cells, sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine. It helps promote muscle control and boost your memory substantially. Just one cup of pinto beans offers you about 60.4 mg of choline. So add these beans to your diet to promote brain functions and muscle control.

Sharpens Your Brain

Prevents Anemia

Iron and copper are crucial minerals that are necessary for the formation of new blood cells. Just one cup of pinto beans provides you 19% and 20% of daily recommended intake of copper and iron respectively. Thus, these beans prevent the risk of development of anemia.


Prevents Risk Of Cancer

Pinto beans are rich in minerals, such as iron, potassium, molybdenum, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium. These minerals and antioxidants neutralize the activity of free radicals, prevent cell damage, and prevent the growth of cancer cells. As a result, eating pinto beans protects you from the development of cancer.

Prevents Cancer

Weight Management

Pinto beans contain no fat but are rich in fiber and minerals. So, regular consumption of these beans prevents you from putting on extra weight and helps you have balanced, nutritious diet. Thus, they prevent you from turning obese and help you stay healthy.

Faulty weight loss programs

Promotes Heart Health

Pinto beans are an excellent source of folate, fiber, potassium, and magnesium. These vital nutrients promote smooth blood circulation and prevent the risk of development of heart ailments. Thus, these beans promote heart health.

Heart health

Minimizes The Formation Of Homocysteine

Pinto beans are rich in antioxidants, folic acids, vitamin B6, and magnesium. Folic acid aids in minimizing the formation of homocysteine, a vital amino acid when its raised levels can increase the risk stroke of heart issues. Thus, these nutritious beans regulate the levels of homocysteine in your body.


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