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12 Reliable Home Remedies For Premenstrual Syndrome

Home Remedies For Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a cluster of emotional and physical symptoms experienced by many women towards the approach of their menstrual cycle. Usually, the syndrome occurs two to fourteen days before the onset of their menstruation period. However, the symptoms usually settle down at the start of the menstrual cycle or within one or two days of menstrual flow. Doctors mostly believe that PMS is caused due to change in hormone, especially in estrogen. Some medical experts believe that deficiencies in magnesium and vitamin B6 are responsible for causing PMS. Whatever the trigger for PMS is, the syndrome may include symptoms as varied as mood swings, headache, irritability, lower back pain, dizziness and anger. Some women also experience abdominal bloating, shakiness and tenderness in breast.

Here Are 13 Easy-to-follow Home Remedies Which Can Help You Get Rid Of The Malady:

1. Pumpkin Seeds

Put forty to fifty grams of pumpkin seeds into two glasses of water that is boiling. Allow it to boil for about 25 minutes. Then, strain it and leave it to become lukewarm. Now, drink the mixture. Continue to take this remedy until your menses gets over.

Pumpkin seeds

2. Cinnamon And Honey Extract

Cinnamon extract can give you relief from PMS-related symptoms like cramps, uneasiness and pain during periods. Make cinnamon mixture by boiling a little water and adding a short stick of cinnamon to it. Allow to cool after straining it. Now, mix two teaspoonful of honey with it and drink. Try out the remedy several times in a day. Soon you will see improvement in your condition.

Honey and cinnamon

3. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds contain high content of calcium and magnesium. By supplementing high amount of both of these minerals, you can put symptoms like mood swing, headache and muscle cramps under control. Calcium and magnesium will also allow you to have sound sleep.

Sesame Seeds

4. Water

Staying hydrated particularly during premenstrual period is very necessary. Form a habit of drinking between 10 and 12 glasses of water daily. It would help increase your urination which would eventually give you relief from premenstrual syndromes.

Bottled Water

5. Hot Compress

For treating PMS, hot compress is regarded as one of the safest home remedies. You can further make the remedy more powerful if you take the help of ginger. Take half a cup of finely crushed ginger and add equal amount of damp mud to it. When the mixture takes the form of paste, apply a thin layer of it to your abdomen. Now, cover your abdomen with a towel that is already soaked in warm water.

hot compress (3)

6. Ginger Extract

Prepare a mixture of boiled water to which you have added small pieces of ginger. After straining the mixture, sip it like tea. This remedy is especially helpful if you are getting muscle cramp which is an important symptom of PMS.

The Ginger Remedy

7. Banana

Bananas are very rich in potassium. So, they are ideal for giving relief from the swelling and bloating caused due to fluid retention in the body. Other potassium-packed foods which can improve fluid-retention include broccoli, black currants, tomatoes and figs.


8. Avocado

Avocado is very rich in natural serotonin, a neurochemical which enhances mood. Avocado and other serotonin-rich foods like plums, dates, pineapple, eggplants and papayas can help mood-swing which is an important symptom of PMS.


9. Black Peppers

In order to get relived from PMS symptoms like abdominal pain and backache, you can use black peppers for optimum result. Take a pinch of black pepper powder and mix it with a tablespoonful of aloe vera gel. Consume the mixture thrice in a day. Alternatively, you can also add cumin seed powder to aloe vera instead of black pepper powder.

Black Pepper

10. Cherries

Cherries are time-tested remedy to cure various symptoms of PMS. Cherries respond very well in case you are experiencing PMS symptoms like mood swing and bloating. Start this remedy one week before your menstrual period. Every morning take ten fresh cherries and eat them in an empty stomach. Continue the remedy for one week until your period starts and experience the improvement.


11. Potatoes

Both starchy and sweet carbohydrates help in improving the mood swing that is directly associated with PMS. So, include important carbohydrate sources like rice, potatoes, oats, bread and pasta in your diets. You can also munch on popcorn, rice cakes and pretzels in between your two major meals.

Potato (3)

12. Chicken

Chicken has wonderful power to treat PMS symptoms like mood swing and depression. Since chicken is a rich source of vitamin B6, it ups the serotonin levels in your system which further helps to enhance the mood and get rid of the symptom.


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