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12 Amazing Home Remedies For Staph Infection

Home Remedies For Staph Infection

Staph infection is a skin allergy which is caused by bacteria. It is contagious in nature and can spread from one person to another quickly. But no need to worry because there are many home remedies which can help you deal with staph infection easily. These are completely natural methods which are free from any reaction or side effects.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Home Remedies For Staph Infection:


Turmeric has antiseptic nature, thus it can help in healing the staph infection naturally. Take 2 tbsp of turmeric and add 2 tsp of coconut oil in it. Make a paste and apply on the infectious parts of your skin. Leave for ½ hour and then wash. Repeat this remedy twice a day to get rid of staph infection.


Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is also very useful in healing staph infection. You can take 4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and add 2 tsp of baking soda in it. Now with the help of a clean cotton swab apply this solution of your affected skin. Leave for 20-30 minutes and then rinse. You can also drink a solution of apple cider vinegar made with water and 2 tsp of honey for much better results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Eucalyptus Oil:

In order to treat staph infection of your skin the usage of eucalyptus oil is also very beneficial to you. First of all clean your skin with water and let it dry. Now dip a clean cotton swab in eucalyptus oil and apply on your skin. Leave for 20 minutes. Now rinse off. Repeat this remedy twice daily.

Eucalyptus Oil


Garlic has amazing properties to heal most of the skin infections. It contains anti bacterial properties which helps in treating the allergy soon. Take 2-4 cloves of garlic and crush them. Put 4 drops of olive oil in it and apply on your infected skin. Leave for some time and then wash. Besides this, you can orally consume 1-2 cloves of garlic daily for quicker results.


Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is also another very good natural cure for staph infection. It contains anti-septic properties which reduces the fungal infections. Clean your skin. Then, take a clean cotton swab and dip it in tea tree oil. Now apply it on the infectious parts of your body. Leave for 20 minutes and then wash. Repeat this remedy twice a day.

Tea Tree Oil


Basil also contains some anti-oxidants which are really helpful in curing the staph infection. You can take 4-5 leaves of basil and chew them daily. There is another method of using basil leaves. You can make a paste of a bunch of basil leaves. Put 2 drops of coconut oil in it and apply on your skin. Wash it after 30 minutes. This will really prove helpful in treatment of staph infection.

Holy Basil

Castor Oil:

Castor oil is an amazing remedy to treat staph infection from your skin. It contains amazing anti bacterial properties which are useful for you. Take ½ cup of heated castor oil. Now apply it with a cotton swab on your skin. You can wrap a cloth around it for warmth healing. Repeat this remedy twice daily for best results.

Castor oil massage

Bitter Gourd:

Bitter gourd is another useful remedy to heal skin allergies such as staph infection. It contains essential anti-oxidants which improves your immunity system. Grind a fresh bitter gourd in a mixer grinder and add appropriate amount of boiled water in it. You can apply this paste on your skin for treating staph infection. Besides this, there is another way to use bitter gourd. Prepare a fresh glass of bitter gourd juice and drink it empty stomach. Follow this remedy daily to feel the difference.

Bitter Gourd


Onion also contains anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties as garlic. It is also very beneficial in treating staph infection. You can simply grate an onion and apply directly to your infected skin parts. Allow it to dry and then rinse off. Besides this, you can consume onion by the means of salad.

Onions (2)


Nutmeg can also help in treating the staph infection. It ensures improvement in your immune system and makes is allergy-resistant. You can add nutmeg into your daily recipes. Increase the consumption of nutmeg. You can also make a fine paste of nutmeg and water. Apply this paste directly to your infectious skin parts and leave for 20 minutes. Repeat this remedy twice daily for good results.

Cumin seeds and nutmeg powder mix

Oregano Oil:

Oregano oil is also very beneficial in the treatment of staph infection. It contains amazing elements which are required by human body. You can dip a cotton swab in the oregano oil and apply it to your skin and leave for 30 minutes. You can follow this remedy many times a day to get relief from staph infection.

Oregano Oil

Witch Hazel:

Witch hazel has amazing anti bacterial properties in it which can help you treat the staph infection. It even helps in relieving the pain and inflammation caused by this infection. Grind it with water and apply to your skin. Leave for 30 minutes and then wash.

Applying Witch Hazel To The Blisters

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