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11 Surprising Reasons For Your Unexplained Weight Gain

Reasons For Your Unexplained Weight Gain

People being more conscious about their body weight now-a-days can go to any extent to slim down. Thanks to the health awareness developed past few decades that have put everybody on alert. The bottom line of basic healthcare is not to add pounds but to maintain a permissible body weight to ward of serious lifestyle diseases like hypertension or diabetics. In spite of adopting a realistic and feasible weight loss regime, you may find to your despair that you are adding pounds constantly. Not only your food habit and lifestyle, there are some other hidden causes that are either unknown to you or did not grab your attention.

Check below 11 such surprising reasons for your unexplained weight gain and adopt measures accordingly.

1. Hypothyroidism:

This is one of the prime reasons that explain your continuous weight gain in spite of your best efforts to check it. You need to check your thyroid levels immediately. Poor functioning of the thyroid glands producing less than required thyroxine hormone causes hypothyroidism. Though, hypothyroidism is also accompanied by other symptoms but abrupt weight gain is most noticeable.


2. Stress:

Stress free life is unthinkable, and whenever you are subjected to constant stress your brain secretes more of Cortisol hormone, which slows down body metabolism rate. Moreover, due to cortisol secretion your brain gives wrong signals making you crave for food at wrong times. You make wrong food choices and end up in gaining weight.


3. Lack Of Sleep:

This is another hidden cause of weight gain. Getting insufficient sleep means your body metabolism rate is slow. Keeping awake late night drives you towards extra eating often violating the rules of weight checking diet. Poor sleep hampers the normal biochemical reaction of your body that increases your food cravings.

Lack of sleep

4. Taking Antidepressants:

Antidepressants uplift your mood, and to satisfy yourself you tend to eat more. The chemical constituents present in antidepressants increase your appetite driving you towards more eating.

Taking antidepressants

5. Taking Steroids:

Some medical conditions may force you to take steroids, but these again contribute to weight gain to some extent. Steroids change the normal hormonal levels and often increase your appetite that you tend to eat more to satisfy your hunger.

Taking steroids

6. Too Much Of Work Outs:

Regular work outs cut down your fat layers and build up muscles causing weight gain. This is a positive outcome, but if the muscle build-up is more than that required, your physique may lose its appeal.

Too much of work outs

7. Eating Too Much Of Good Foods:

Too much of anything is bad. Nuts and fruits are good for health, but one should have them in measured amounts. Fat content in nuts and high fructose levels in certain fruits can cross your permissible limit of calorie intake if consumed excessively.

Eating too much of good foods

8. Drinking Juices:

Fruit juices are healthy no doubt, but sugar laden juices soldin stores do more harm than good. We tend to pick up juice bottles from stores without checking the ingredients committing a big mistake. It is recommended to drink homemade juices containing minimum sugar.

Drinking juices

9. Water Retention:

Water retention in your body can be due to many reasons. Some medicines are also responsible for this. You can cut down your salt intake to minimize this condition.

Water retention

10. Menopause:

A sharp drop in hormone levels during menopause contributes to weight gain in many middle aged females. Menopause brings in other disturbing symptoms as well which upsets the regularity of a woman’s life. So women gain weight due to this sudden physiological change.


11. Quitting Smoking:

When you are happy to get rid of this unhealthy habit, your sudden weight gain can take you by surprise. Nicotine in cigarettes suppresses appetite where you tend to eat less. After quitting smoking, you may eat more and gain weight.

Quitting smoking

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