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11 Dieting Myths That You Should Know

Dieting Myths That You Should Know

Dieting is important to maintain your shape and fitness, but very often we cross the borderline between eating less and starving. Dieting does not mean starving by skipping meals and breakfast, which is very much detrimental to your health. You may reduce your weight through starving, but that would be temporary as this cannot be continued for a long time. Moreover, your body being depleted of essential nutrients will invite other serious health disorders. Many people follow some dieting myths blindly ending up with a bad outcome.

Let Us Highlight A Few Common Myths About Dieting And Learn The Facts:

Carbohydrates Are Bad For Health

Dieting does imply reducing of carbohydrate intake, but you need to learn the difference between good and bad carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic index like sugar, polished rice, white flour and food made out of these are definitely bad. Complex carbohydrates present in brown bread, whole grain food produce and fruits are good that do not add too much of calories but provide you the essential nutrition.


Fats Should Be Avoided Totally

This is another popular myth about dieting. Fat is essential for health as it is the energy provider that keeps you kicking throughout the day. Here also you need to differentiate between good and bad fats. Unsaturated fatty acids present in specific food items like olive oil, canola oil, fish, avocados, nuts etc. are necessary, but these should be taken in measured quantities. You need to avoid saturated fats and trans- fats present in butter, high-fat dairy products and fried foods.

Fats should be avoided

Crash Dieting Helps In Quick Weight Loss

This may be true for the time being, but in the long run, will produce adverse effects. When you are on crash dieting, your body gathers energy from the muscles depleting the lean muscle of your body. As a result, it slows down the basal metabolic rate, which after a certain period of time will facilitate fat gain.

Crash dieting

Skipping Breakfast Aids In Weight Loss

This is another myth that many follow blindly. A nutritious intake is essential at the start of the day to keep you energetic. Skipping breakfast means you are getting more hungry and will definitely eat more during lunch to make up for your morning starvation. The result is you take in more calories than your stipulated limit.

Skipping breakfast

You Should Eat Only When You Are Hungry

This is again a much-followed step by weight watchers. You should eat in measured calories throughout the day which slowly burns down through your activities. Gorging in excessive hunger means you eat extra to satisfy yourself which ultimately slows down your metabolism and gets accumulated as fat.

Eating when hungry

Eating Late In Evening Makes You Fat

Your fat gain depends upon your daily calorie intake and how much you have burned throughout the day. If you munch on chips, fries, cookies late in the evening, naturally you are not doing the right thing. But if you take a handful of crackers to curb your hunger, you don’t take in too much of calories. The main thing is to keep a tab on your total calorie intake not the timing of your eating.

Eating late in evening

Coffee Helps In Weight Loss

Caffeine present in coffee enhances your body metabolism to some extent and suppresses your appetite as well. But that does not mean that by drinking a couple of cups of coffee daily will help you in substantial weight loss. On the other hand, you need to be cautious about the calorie count if you are adding sugar or cream to your cuppa.


Having Weight Loss Supplements Is A Great Way To Lose Weight

This is another popular weight loss myth that often leads to dangerous consequences. Most of the weight loss supplements labeled as ‘herbal’ or ‘natural’ are not FDA approved and contain harmful ephedra or similar ingredients that do more harm than good.

Weight loss supplements

Drinking Milk Helps In Losing Weight

Here also the calorie count matters. High- fat milk obviously means more calories which may be tough to burn out. A glass of milk contains sufficient calcium necessary for your body and keeps you full as well. Drinking low fat milk is a good option to check your calorie intake.

Drinking milk

Low-Fat Foods Help In Weight Loss

Low-fat foods do not necessarily mean low in calories. Some additives, sugar and other ingredients make a food high in calorie though it is low in fat. You need to check the total calorie count labeled on the food pack. Consuming those means you are again following the wrong way to weight loss neglecting the calorie count factor.

Low fat food

More You Exercise More You Lose Weight

Weight gain does not happen in a day neither you can expect the same in case of weight loss. Rapid weight loss through vigorous exercise and crash dieting would deplete your lean muscle content. Any sort of activity burns calories. Your calorie intake should be balanced with proper physical workouts on a regular basis to achieve the desired body mass index.


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