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10 Scoliosis Exercises And Their Benefits

Scoliosis Exercises And Their Benefits

The tidy look of a human body is due to the unswerving and straight spine or backbone inside the body. When one see a healthy human being from its side view spine gives as shape curvature but from the back view, it gives a straight look. That’s the cause our body remains sick and span. But when the angle of deviation from its original position is shown by the spinal cord it may be scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a Greek word and its meaning is crooked i.e. if someone finds the curve in the spine is more than 10 degree it may be the symbol of scoliosis. When the Angle of deviation reaches up to 40 it is considered as the severe condition. Surgery is one of the treatments to restore the spine but there are some exercises which can alleviate this problem of the body.

Why Exercise Is Best For Scoliosis

In medical science, it is first recommended that you should try all those natural remedies which can rectify the problem. In the case of scoliosis too, first it is recommended to do exercises before going for surgery. Till the angle of deviation of the spine is not more that 45 to 50 degree it is not recommended to have a surgery as surgery will have side effects like bladder problems, blood loss, infection, spinal balance loss in the proper way. So for starting phases exercises are suggested. They have several benefits and overcome the drawbacks of surgery. A lot of different exercises are there for scoliosis which should be done with proper consciousness and care. Here is the list of different types of exercises and their benefits.

1. Cat-Camel Exercise

In this exercise, one has to kneel down and put both hands on the ground. Then with a straight head, one should maintain his abdominal tight. Then with taking a deep breath in, the rib cage (lower) is lifted. The breath should be out with lowering the chest towards the ground. This exercise should be repeated up to 20 times per day.


This exercise alleviates back pain enhances the stability of backbone.

Cat-Camel Exercise

2. Double-Leg Abdominal Press

In this exercise, one should lay down on the back and then the knees should be bent. After this, the knees should be lifted by tensing the muscles of abdominal. The hand should be placed on knees. At this time the hands and the knees are pushed towards each other by tensing the stomach muscle.


In this exercise, the hip gets movement, which is beneficial to scoliosis patient.

Double-Leg Abdominal Press

3. Alternating Toe Touch

In this exercise the body one should first lay down on its back then the arms should be straightened above the head. Then the right arm should touch left leg and left arm should touch right leg. These steps can be alternated and repeated.


It is beneficial for abs as it strengthens them.

Alternating Toe Touch

4. Pilates

For this exercise, one should lay down on their back first. Then the knees are folded. A small gym ball is kept between the knees. With the palm on the side, the hips are pushed and the mid-body is lifted for 3 seconds. Then the body should be lowered down. It should be repeated for 10 times.


This exercise enhances the strength of patient and helps in building good posture. It also increases the body resistance power of the patient.


5. Side Shift

For this exercise, one should stand to next to the wall and place its arm on the wall in bending format. Then the patient should lean towards the wall with moving hips (with steady shoulder).


By this exercise shifting motion inside the pelvis occurs which is beneficial for scoliosis patient.

Side Shift

6. Plank

One should first lie down facing the ground, then the elbows should bend the body will keep with the support of toes. Then the abs is squeezed. This position should be kept for 5 sec. then the patient should rest.


This exercise helps to strengthen the main or core muscles.


7. Spine Release

In this, after lying down on the back the knees are rose to form a T shape. And the T-shaped legs are moved to both directions till comfortable point


This exercise helps  in maintaining spine flexibility.

Spine Release

8. Leg And Arm Extension Exercise

A stability ball is needed for this exercise. With a gym ball, one should lift its one leg up with the opposite hand and one hand should be kept down with the opposite leg. Then reverse this pattern. The reversal should be done in each 30 to 60 seconds.


It strengthens the patient’s back. it also helps in getting improved posture.

Leg And Arm Extension Exercise

9. Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises increase blood circulation . also this can fix muscle to the right position and so effective in scoliosis.


Improves mental attention and provides deep oxygen to the body.

Breathing Exercise

10 Yoga

When all else fails, Yoga works. This can be heard by most of the doctors. So start doing yoga regularly and target stretches that will prove helpful in the problem.


It will improve the overall health.


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