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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight Fast

Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight Fast

Obesity or being overweight is a serious health risk, and if you are not doing anything to shed off those unwanted mounds of fat you are risking your life span that may turn 20 years shorter. If you are overweight, it is high time you should slim down to keep a number of health disorders at bay that are closely related to obesity.

10 Convincing Reasons Why Obesity Should Be Done Away With:

Standard Body Weight Lowers Cancer Risk

Risk factor for cancer in overweight women is four times higher than that in a woman of normal weight especially when it comes to endometrial cancer. Breast cancer is suffered by obese women more for a similar underlying cause. More you have body fat more is the production of estrogen hormone associated with both endometrial and breast cancer in women. Weight increase also increases synthesis of a hormone called leptin that shoots up the growth of normal as well as cancerous cells in the breast.

Standard body weight lowers cancer risk

Being Lighter Retains Your Brain Functioning

Obesity has a close connection with loss of memory. Particularly, middle-aged men with flabby trunks are 260 % more vulnerable to developing memory failures. This might be due to the hormones or inflammatory risks triggered by the abdominal fat. It is strongly advised you stay trim to retain your mental sharpness.

Being lighter retains your brain functioning

Staying Trim Helps Faster Recovery From Cancer

Obese women have a lower chance of achieving full recovery after getting pre-surgery and chemotherapy treatment related to breast cancer. The possible reason is that for fat women lower doses of these medications are administered than what is actually needed. Obese women run a higher risk of health hazards from breast surgeries.

Staying trim helps faster recovery from cancer

Being Slim Keeps Your Cardiac Health In Good Condition

If you are overweight, you run a bigger risk of a cardiac arrest. Obese people are more likely to have a higher quantity of bad cholesterol in their blood and they are more prone to diabetes as well. Both bad cholesterol and diabetes provide an excellent preparatory ground inviting a heart attack.

Being slim keeps your cardiac health in good condition

Staying Slimmer Will Save You From Mental Depression

Obesity and depression have a close relationship. Obese people have a higher chance of having mood disorders. In fact, obesity induces inferiority complex due to social embarrassment stemming from the awkward size of the physic with all those unsightly layers of fat. This often leads to mental depression forcing the person to avoid social contacts. Limited physical exercise aggravates the situation even further.

Staying slimmer will save you from mental depression

Light Body Weight Enhances Your Ability In Physical Workouts

Lighter people feel more flexible and easy on physical exercises, sports and gym sessions than their heavier counterparts. Fat people feel clumsy and difficult to carry out physical activities and they are more prone to accident related injuries as they are less fit. Staying trim and athletic gives you confidence and a big boost to live life to the fullest.

Light body weight enhances your ability in physical workouts

Being On The Lighter Side Helps You Get A Better Medical Care

Studies and experience of the medical practitioners reveal that their obese patients are more disagreeable than their counterparts with normal body weight. Fat people seem to be more fussy and suspicious. They seem to have a poor sense of hygiene as well. These revelations are based upon statistics. Consequently, doctors avoid fat people who get lesser time on serious medical attention.

Being On The Lighter Side Helps You Get A Better Medical Care

Lower Chances Of Pelvic Floor Disorders With Lighter Women

Heavier women are more susceptible to pelvic floor disorders than lighter females. This normally manifests in urinary incontinence as per research study conducted by National Institute of Health’s pelvic floor disorder network.

Lower Chances Of Pelvic Floor Disorders With Lighter Women

Staying Slim Keeps Your Vital Organs Protected

Fat people have three times more risk of renal failure, which is a slow and certain loss of kidney function. This is lethal.

Staying slim keeps your vital organs protected

A Slim Body Saves You From Enormous Health Care Expenses

Fat people need to spend huge amounts on medications required to treat diabetes and other lifestyle diseases that crop up due to prolonged obesity.

A slim body saves you from enormous health care expenses

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