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10 Amazing Nutrients That Can Shrink Your Belly

Nutrients That Can Shrink Your Belly

Who doesn’t want to have a pancake belly? A careful selection of good food can reduce your belly fat in just a few months! What you have to do is to hop into some supermarkets or some Health and Body shops to get some extra nutrients that would really help you to lose that extra belly fat. Nutrients may be in the form of tablet or capsule or present in fruits and vegetables or in any other supplements, but it is always recommended to take those through natural foods.

Here We Have 10 Important Nutrients That Will Help To Reduce Your Belly:

Calcium Pyruvate:

The one which first comes to mind and is abundant in the market through out the year is Grapes (any variety will help but the red or purple is the best). The calcium pyruvate present in Grapes actually burns up fat cells and enhances body metabolism.

Calcium Pyruvate


Avocado (although it is termed as high fat food) helps to block the intestinal absorption of certain fats. The mono saturated fatty acid (MUFA) present in Avocados help to reduce the fat.



The next best choice is any type of fresh berry – raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, black berries (the so called nine berries which are available in the market depending on the season). Don’t go for the frozen ones.



The one you can grab is Green Tea, which helps in oxidation of fats and has thermogenic properties . Green tea is most helpful due to its processing value as it avoids fermentation process unlike other teas.



Weeds will be a fantastic selection as Fucoxanthin present in it is said to be a powerful fat fighter.


Omega 3 Rich Fatty Acids:

Omega 3 rich fatty acids present abundantly in sea fish and other plant sources like chia seeds, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds are very good options for belly fat reduction. Both vegans and non vegans will be benefitted from these.

Omega 3 rich fatty acids

Methylhydroxy Chalcone:

Moreover, apart from the above mentioned list, a few items you can easily get into your kitchen spice rack are Caraway seeds & Cinnamon (MHCP) sticks. Methylhydroxy chalcone polymer present in Cinnamon does miracles to combat belly fat.

Methylhydroxy chalcone


A good consumption of Resveratrol has shown to burn fat and boost body metabolism. This is found in red onions mostly. Other fruits like red Apples, red Tomatoes are rich in resveratrol. Even dark chocolate have a good amount of resveratrol, which in other way helps to build up lean muscles thus reducing fat.



Lentils and lean meat are rich sources of iron the best to boost your metabolic activities which eventually leads to cut down your belly fat.


Vitamin C:

Last but not least consumption of Vitamin C, present in citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables, is another way of losing abdomen fat.

Vitamin C

Apart from all the above nutrients, one must drink plenty of water to get a flat tummy as it helps to remove the toxin from the body. It acts as a flush in our body detoxifying the impurities. However, the above mentioned items are easily available. What do you think, is it really hard to reduce fat belly?

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