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10 Home Remedies For Dizziness

Home Remedies For Dizziness

Dizziness is a common problem what most of us go through at some point of life. In dizziness, we tend to feel the whirling sensation in head, unsteadiness, and light-headedness. When dizziness exceeds beyond control, we end up fainting. Dizziness is not a disease, it is more of a consequences of our poor diet, stress, excessive exercise, hormonal change and dehydration. If not sought a cure soon then it may lead to anemia, hypoglycemia, tinnitus, low blood pressure, ear infection, vision related disorders, anxiety disorders, head injuries and neurological disorders. Although dizziness may interrupt our daily schedule with fatigue but we can always manage to overcome it with some natural and homemade remedies. Therefore, be natural and follow the remedies given below and shoe dizziness off. In case, it still persist, report your doctor immediately.

Here Are the 10 Home Remedies for Dizziness:

Deep Breathing

By deep breathing, your body and most importantly the brain meets sufficient amount of oxygen. As a result, the brain messages the body to relax the nervous system and ward off dizziness.

Deep Breathing

Sit folding your legs or lie down straight. Place thumb of one hand on your nostril and the other hand on your abdomen. Close your mouth and inhale slowly and deeply through the open nostril. Now close both nostrils and clasp your lips too. Exhale after 2-3 seconds. Repeat the same process 10 times again.


It is because of the positive results of yoghurt in doing good to the body, it has emerged as a time tested remedy in warding off dizziness.


Have one full bowl of yoghurt, whenever you feel dizzy. If you don’t like yoghurt much, then have it with few pieces of fruits.

Drink Plenty of Water

As dehydration can be one of the reason behind dizziness therefore drinking plenty of water to hydrate your body is a good way to get over with dizziness.

Drinking Water

Drink one glass of water whenever you feel dizzy. To get rid of dizziness completely, drink water whenever and as much as you can. Alternatively, you can also drink herbal tea to compensate with the shortage of water in the body.

Eat Something Healthy

Dizziness occurs not just because of dehydration but low blood sugar can be another reason behind it. If you have not noticed then it is hunger that pulls you closer to dizziness. Therefore, instead of waiting for dizziness to hit you, make a diet table containing only healthy foods. Avoid being hungry for longer period of time.

Eat More Of Fruits

Start with a healthy breakfast and keep on eating something light but healthy at every hour. You can try fruits that are high in water content. Having nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews also works.


Ginger is a tested remedy for avoiding nausea. It promotes better circulation of the blood to the brain and other body parts thus cutting dizziness.


Drink ginger tea whenever you feel dizzy as it provides instant relief. To prepare the tea, put few pieces of crushed ginger in water and boil. Steep aside for some time. Drink the water without straining and chew boiled ginger pieces thoroughly.


Experts have proved Lemon as another effective remedy in treating dizziness. The presence of vitamin C in lemon strengthens the immune system and prepares body to fight against illnesses. Moreover, there are other nutrients also in lemon that equally contribute in energizing body to ward off dizziness.


Take a glass of water and add juice extracted from ½ piece of lemon. Mix one teaspoon of honey over it. Stir well and get instant relief from dizziness.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry or amla is an ayurvedic remedy for dizziness. The richness of vitamin A and C in Indian Gooseberry boost your immunity and improves blood circulation all over the body.

Indian Gooseberry

Mash 2 gooseberries to make a paste. Add the paste in 2 teaspoon of coriander seeds and 1 cup of water. Let the solution stay overnight and drink its water after straining the next morning. Follow daily to feel energized instead of dizzy.


Eating sugar is not good for body but honey is one such natural sugar that instead of doing harm to the body, boost its energy and prevent dizziness. Furthermore, it also counteract low blood sugar.

Honey (2)

Combine one tablespoon of honey and unfiltered apple cider vinegar each and pour in one cup of warm water. Drink the remedy twice daily.

Pepper Mint Oil

Pepper mint oil provides immediate cooling effect on your brain and terminates the feeling of dizziness in an instant.

Peppermint Oil

Apply oil on your head and massage for few minutes. Stick to the same remedy for many times a day.

Nutmeg Powder and Cumin Seeds

It is a tested remedy meant to be consume periodically. It calms the brain and help it find a solution to ward off dizziness as soon as possible.

Nutmeg Powder and Cumin Seeds

Mix one teaspoon of nutmeg powder and cumin seeds each. Consume after mixing them well. Follow three times a day for better and quick result.

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