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10 Home Remedies For Athlete’s Leg

Athlete’s Leg

Being the most found fungal infection for skin, athlete’ leg although targets everyone but males are their priority, this is so because they wear heavy, airtight footwear, which helps fungus to grow in such hot, dark, moist environments. This results in severe itching, scaling and even flaking around the infected area. However it is still a debate whether athletes leg spread and reason behind it, if we talk about the myths it is believed that it is spread by direct contacts with the infected person or with infected soul but the real exam is keeping dry and then checking the possibility of infection. Following are some home remedies to cure this disease and voila! You won’t need to disappear when this infects to you. Take the right step at right time and stay safe.

Some Of The Top Amazing Home Remedies For Athlete’s Leg Are:

Bicarbonate Soda

Add enough water in 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate soda such that it becomes a paste. Now rub it over the infected area and wait till it rinse, put some regular talcum powder to assist and wait for good results now. Allow this home remedy for at least 3 to 4 weeks to work on your infected areas. If you still couldn’t feel the difference and the infection is getting severe, you are recommended to severe doctor as soon as possible.

Baking Soda


Want some relief with ease? Try adding a pinch of salt in warm water and soak foot in it. Soak them for 5 to 10 minutes or more if you feel like. You need to repeat this for regular intervals unless you have got your feet recovered fully from the infection and the skin has become normal.


Mustard Oil

Mustard oil normally is famous for Indian cooking and so Indian is well aware of its magic. It is very good antiseptic. Just put some drops of mustard oil or you can also use mustard powder if oil is not available for you foot soak/bath. It will kill the fungus in just half an hour soak of foot in water mixed with it.

Mustard Oil


You can use regular tea to cure your athlete leg as it is full of tannic acid, and tannic acid is a natural astringent that is a wonderful reliever for sweaty feet. You just need to put some tea bags of any variety but avoid herbal in a bucket of boiling water for 5 minutes. Now leave it for some time to make cool down and then take a foot bath in it for at least half an hour. You can also use other items such as surgical spirit, apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, hair spray or raw honey the same way you use tea bags



Yes, yogurt everybody’s favorite now can also cure your infection. You only need your cup of plain yogurt to be applied over the infected area leave it to rinse and dry. Make sure you are not using flavored one Repeat this for regular intervals and you are done with it.



According to old sayings, saliva has also cure athlete foot affectively. Even animal studies prove their point right that saliva do cure infections by removing the salivary glands of rat and they found rats were recovering slower than before. Human saliva has also shown that antifungal quality and so you can try this out.


Olive Oil

For a soothing, healing treatment, mix equal parts tea-tree oil with olive oil and rub the combined oils into the affected area twice a day. Olive oil helps to tenderize skin toughened by athlete’s foot so that tea-tree oil is better absorbed.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well known septic for skin benefits. You need to mix Mix 3 parts tea-tree oil to 1 part aloe gel and gently rub the mixture on the infected area two times in a day at least. Repeat this till 6 to 8 weeks for this treatment to work.

Aloe Vera Juice


Heavenly scented lavender is also filled with antiseptic properties, who would have known this? But its true. Rub and massage the infected area by the resultant of 3 drops of lavender oil mixed with 1 teaspoon of any suitable r oil and do it every day till it gets better.

Treatment with lavender oil


Calendula has been known for its antifungal and anti flammatory properties from years for treating wounds and skin conditions. Massage calendula ointment, easily available from pharmacies and health food shops, around the affected areas especially around the toes. Do this for regular period of time like twice or thrice daily and feel the relief.


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