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10 Effective Home Remedies For Stinky Feet

10 Effective Home Remedies For Stinky Feet

Stinky feet not only cause embarrassment, but also lead to infections. So, taking care of your feet is not only a part of personal hygiene, but also contributes to your well being. If you are experiencing stinky feet, worry not. You need not spend a lot or do difficult things to get rid of it. Thanks to the home remedies that help keep the feet clean and odor free.

Home Remedies For Stinky Feet

Lemon Soak

To prepare this soak, dissolve some baking soda in eight glasses of water. Add half glass lemon juice to this solution and stir well. Soak your feet in this lemon liquid for about fifteen minutes and dry it completely to reduce the foul odor. This will leave your feet bacteria free, soft and refreshed.

lemon soak

Black Tea Soak

Take some hot water in a wide mouthed tub and immerse three bags of tea in it. Allow it to infuse for some time and then add cold water to adjust the temperature of the water. Immerse your feet inside this solution for 20 minutes to completely alleviate foot odor.

Black Tea Bags

Salt Solution

Add half cup of rock salt to some warm water in a bucket and immerse your feet inside it for 30 minutes. Rub your feet well using a soft cloth and pat dry. Do not rinse the feet to make the most of the salt soak.

salt solution

Epsom Salt Soak

Add two full spoons of Epsom salt to a bucket of warm water and stir well. Immerse your feet inside it for 15 minutes. Make sure you avoid rinsing your feet and allow it to dry naturally. Epsom salt removes odor and will make your feet soft. It is good to steep your feet in Epsom salt solution before bedtime.

epson salt solu

Sugar Scrub

Mix together water, sugar and isopropyl to form a thick paste. Ensure that the sugar content in this paste is higher as compared to water. Water and isopropyl should be in the ratio of 5:1. Scrub your feet using this paste for about 10 minutes and rinse using warm water. This will kill bacteria and ward off the foul smell. Repeat this at least thrice daily for about a week for better results.

Honey Sugar Scrub


Mix some ginger puree with hot water and allow it to stand for 15 minutes. Filter the solution and use the resultant liquid to massage the feet before bedtime. This will kill the bacteria responsible for the odor and eliminate toxins if any. Continue doing this for at least two weeks regularly.

The Ginger Remedy

Baking Soda Soak

Baking soda is a versatile ingredient that helps treat a lot of minor health issues. It is a magnificent cleaning agent too. To get rid of smelly feet, add three spoons of baking soda to one-bucket water and steep your feet inside it. After about 20 minutes, tap dry your feet. Leave it uncovered for best results.

Baking Soda Soak

Wear Cotton Socks

Although synthetic socks look fancy and colorful, it is prudent to resist the temptation of picking several pairs of these socks while on your shopping. Cotton socks allow air circulation and hence, your feet can breathe freely. This keeps them dry and prevents the build-up of sweat, which causes odor.

cotton soak

Water And Vinegar

Mix vinegar as well as water in 1:2 proportions. Immerse the feet in this liquid for about fifteen minutes. Allow the feet to dry. Once it is dry, dust with talcum powder. Vinegar helps in absorbing smell thereby preventing stinky feet.

watere and vinegar

Alum Powder

Add a tbsp of alum powder to one cup of tepid water. Wash the feet with this alum water. Leave the feet to dry. Sprinkle some alum powder on the feet. Alum reduces the growth of microbes. Repeat this process daily for better results.

alum powder

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